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Jeff Lemire, graphic novelist

Jeff Lemire is the award-winning, New York Times bestselling author of such graphic novels as Essex County, Sweet Tooth, Underwater Welder and Roughneck as well as co-creator of Descender with Dustin Nguyen, Black Hammer with Dean Ormston and Plutona with Emi Lenox and AD: After Death with Scott Snyder. Many of his books are in development for film and television, including Descender; A.D. After Death Essex County and Plutona. He also collaborated with celebrated musician Gord Downie on the graphic novel and album The Secret Path, which was made into an animated film in 2016. Jeff has won numerous awards including an Eisner Award and Juno Award in 2017. Jeff has also written extensively for both Marvel and DC Comics. He lives in Toronto, Canada with his wife and son and their troublesome pug, Lola.

Murakami, Haruki, 1949-
I have fallen in love with the work of Haruki Murakami. He is a true author almost in the way that Kubrick, Fellini or David Lynch are in the world of film. Reoccurring symbolism, metaphysical, mind-bending concepts and truly quirky and charming characters.
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Walden, Tillie, 1996- author, artist.
Tilli Walden is one of the most brilliant young cartoonists working today and her new graphic novel is a coming of age and coming out story set in the world of figure skating. It's fragile, tender and full of humanity and wonderful.
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King, Stephen, 1947-
Okay, I admit it. The buzz around the film got me to finally read Stephen King's IT. I "book clubbed" IT with my wife and we had a blast reading it together. It's creepy and imaginative, but the real magic here is the camaraderie and friendship between the cast of kids King creates.
Lynch, David, 1946-
My favourite artist and favorite filmmaker is David Lynch. He is notoriously evasive when talking about his films, but this book of interviews is comprehensive and insightful and Lynch is uncharacteristically open about his work. A true peek inside the mind of a genius.
Gaiman, Neil, author.
Neil Gaiman's comics influenced me heavily when I was a teenager and getting interested in making my own graphic novels, but I have never really read much of his prose until this past year. This short novel is absolutely charming, creepy and beautiful. I loved it.
Vaughan, Brian K., author.
This graphic novel series by Brian K. Vaughn and Cliff Chiang is everything I love about comics. Great characters, great world building and great art. It's The Goonies meets X-Files, meets Stranger Things.
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