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Fight The Power: Books For Youth Activists

Fiction and nonfiction books about taking action to make social change

Nelson, Blake, 1960-
James Hoff writes radical and passionate rants about everything he despises -- like American consumers, the destruction of the environment and car culture. He thinks the work his ex-girlfriend, Sadie, does on local social justice groups is just not bold enough. James has to figure out how to put his passion into action, and -- maybe -- how to get back together with Sadie.
An anthology of fourteen stories by young adult authors from around the world, on such themes as asylum, law, education, and faith, compiled in honor of the sixtieth anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.
Doctorow, Cory.
After being interrogated by the Department of Homeland Security following a major terrorist attack on San Francisco, seventeen-year-old Marcus decides to use his computer hacking skills to set things right.
Castellucci, Cecil, 1969-
Jane is at a new, dismal school and glad to meet three other girls named Jane. Together they form a secret art gang and paint the town P.L.A.I.N. -- People Loving Art In Neighborhoods. Can their art attacks really make a difference?
Teens in a not-do-distant future go to "school" in shopping malls run by corporations. Kid tolerates her schooling because she hopes to pursue a music career, but she starts to rebel when a mysterious group, The Unidentified, pull a prank that encourages students to question authority.
Whether you're passionate about free speech, the environment, animal welfare or women's rights, learn how to act on your beliefs and make a difference.
Twenty-one personal essays by young American women profile their engagement with social justice and activism and give the lie to the notion that the Millennium Generation is apathetic and uninvolved.
Kielburger, Craig.
The Kielburger brothers argue that fulfillment can only be achieved through serving others. They offer inspiring stories of people helping people and pragmatic advice for you to do the same.
Be part of the solution! Ideas on how you can live a life that's better for the planet through lifestyle choices, education, and activism.
Davidson, Sam, 1980-
Take action and make change in your daily life by using these ideas to live a more socially and environmentally conscious life.
Engle, Dawn Gifford.
Profiles of activists such as Archbishop Desmond Tutu, the Dalai Lama, and Aung San Suu Kyi focus on their work with teens on issues such as human rights, peace, and the environment.
Moulitsas ZĂșniga, Markos, 1971-
Founder of the political blog, DailyKos, Zuniga shares his rules for using social media and twenty-first century technology to connect and empower grassroots activists.
Lewis, Barbara A., 1943-
Connect with true stories of teenagers who began projects for social change. This guide provides practical tools and tips for becoming involved--either by joining or beginning your own global action group.
Learn about international development opportunities that match your age, experience level and interests.