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Early Toronto - 1820s to 1880s

This list is the first in a series that will be focusing on fiction set in Toronto. Each list examines Toronto during a different time period. These novels are set in Toronto during the 1820s to the 1880s.

Atwood, Margaret, 1939-
In 1843, a 16-year-old servant is convicted of a vicious double murder committed in Richmond Hill, Ontario. After being imprisoned for years, Grace Marks tells her story to a doctor sent to determine her innocence or guilt. Based on a true story.
Hill, Lawrence, 1957-
A writer traces five generations of his family in this epic story, ranging from 1820s Virginia to 1990 Ontario and Maryland, about the descendants of black slaves who followed the "underground railway" north to Canada in the years preceding the U. S. Civil War.
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Bradshaw, Mel, 1947-
Industrialization is at full speed in Toronto during 1856, when Reform politician William Sheridan suddenly dies and his daughter Theresa goes missing. Bank cashier Isaac Harris, a former suitor of Theresa's, still loves her despite her marriage to another man. Forced into the role of amateur detective, he struggles with the shortcomings of the city police and the hostility of Theresa's powerful husband. Harris eventually discovers human remains wearing items that belonged to Theresa. If she is dead, the man who wooed her too timidly would now do anything to find who is responsible.
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Gutteridge, Don, 1937-
It's January 1836. Upper Canada is in political upheaval and a government spy is dead. Ensign Marc Edwards is sent to find out what happened. A witty combination of history and mystery.
McBride, Robin Blackburn, author.
The Shining Fragments follows Joseph Conlon from1882 in Ulster to 1904 in Canada. Left behind as a small boy on a Toronto train-station platform like so much forgotten luggage, Joseph grows up in a city bleak with bigotry, haunted by his lost sister and driven by artistic yearnings.
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