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Debbie Ridpath Ohi, children's book author and illustrator

Debbie Ridpath Ohi is the author and illustrator of Where Are My Books? Debbie's illustrations appear in books by Michael Ian Black and Judy Blume, and she has worked on projects with Simon & Schuster, HarperCollins and Random House. Upcoming books in 2017 include Debbie's second solo picture book Sam & Eva, Sea Monkey & Bob (author Aaron Reynolds), Mitzi Tulane, Preschool Detective in The Secret Ingredient (author Lauren McLaughlin), and Ruby Rose, Big Bravos (author Rob Sanders). Debbie posts about reading, writing and illustrating children's books at Inkygirl.com. On Twitter, you can find her at @inkyelbows.

Blair, Kate, author.
Transferral is an impressive debut young adult novel by British-Canadian Kate Blair. I like the original twist on the dystopian genre: the story takes place in an alternative present-day world in which criminals are punished with diseases transferred from law-abiding citizens. Dark, compelling and thought-provoking.
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Telgemeier, Raina, author, illustrator.
I've been a fan of the author ever since reading Smile, and enjoyed this graphic novel just as much as her others. I love so many aspects of her work, but especially how well she portrays the subtleties of family relationships.
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Gregory, Danny, 1960-
So fascinating to get a glimpse into other artists' journals, as well as to read about why and how they keep their journals. After reading this, I was inspired to start my own sketchbook journal.
Toten, Teresa, 1955- author.
I've been gradually reading through the books in the Secrets series, and this is one of my favourites. Also love all the Toronto references!
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Van Draanen, Wendelin, author.
The narrator is 11-year-old Lincoln, who keeps secrets in his notebook. His voice is fresh, funny and I love how he sees the world. One of his secrets: in the afternoons, Lincoln hangs out at Brookside, a home for people with memory loss and dementia where his mother works. Something else I enjoyed about this story: how Lincoln's observations about his mom and "the crazies" (residents of the home) gradually changes as his understanding deepens.
Sylvester, Kevin, author.
I loved the first MiNRS book, and this sequel is just as good: lots of action, suspense and mystery solving. I also enjoyed the believable interactions between characters, especially how the infighting evolves into teamwork. Looking forward to the next story in this middle grade series!
Keating, Jess, author.
This book is more proof that picture books can be just as fascinating for adults as for kids. I'm a big fan of weird animals, so this book was right up my alley. Learned all kinds of fascinating facts about blobfish, naked mole rats, monster slugs and other under-appreciated creatures. I'm also a fan of the author's My Life Is A Zoo series.
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I've always loved fairy tale retellings, and I thoroughly enjoyed this collection. Some wonderfully original takes on classic tales here.
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King, Stephen, 1947-
Every time I reread this book, I learn something new. I'm a longtime fan of the author's early work, and even have a hand-typed letter (complete with liquid papered corrections!) that he sent in response to a letter I sent him when I was a teen.
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Day, Felicia, 1979- author.
Honest, funny and fascinating. I read this because I love Felicia's work, from The Guild to Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog to her Charlie character in Supernatural. I also identified a LOT with her geekgirl interests.
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