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Jury, Walter, author.
Tate recently discovered that his world includes aliens that are almost impossible to distinguish from human beings. Now a group of alien agents is hunting him and aliens are threatening to take over the Earth.
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Rubin, Lance, 1981-
Denton wakes up hung-over in the bed of his best friend's sister and knows he has screwed up. Then he recalls it's the day of his funeral, and his day only gets stranger from there.
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Stratton, Allan, author.
Cameron and his mom are on the run from his father and move to a new place every time he gets close. They settle in a lonely farm house where Cameron starts to see things that he can't believe are real.
Giles, Lamar, 1979-
Nick's family is in the Witness Protection Program thanks to his father's criminal past. In a new town again, Nick befriends Eli who soon winds up murdered and Nick must find out why.
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Silvera, Adam, 1990- author.
Aaron has a lot he'd like to forget: his father's suicide, the scars on his own wrists, and poverty. The Leteo Institute offers a memory cleansing procedure that Aaron is drawn to, especially after his feelings for his friend Thomas grow into unrequited love.
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Reid, Raziel, 1990- author.
To cope with the violent homophobic bullying at his school, Jude sees his life through a camera lens and casts himself as a Hollywood star being hounded by paparazzi.
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Reynolds, Jason.
Ali and his two friends look out for each other and avoid trouble in their tough Brooklyn neighbourhood, until one night when they end up in the wrong place at the wrong time.
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Shabazz, Ilyasah.
This is a fictionalized telling of the youth of Malcolm X, written by his daughter. Malcolm grows up in foster homes, and is disillusioned and drawn to drugs. After ending up in jail, he learns about the Nation of Islam and begins to change himself.
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