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Interested in Civil Society books? Check out the #OnWellness Book List as part of #OnCivilSociety with fascinating titles that will change the way you think about wellness.

Kass, Sam, 1980- author.
Former White House food policy advisor Kass presents his philosophy of nutrition: choose small, realistic, sustainable actions that can improve both your diet and the environment, with a minimum of hassle. Includes 90 recipes.
Leland, John, 1959- author.
New York Times journalist John Leland profiled six of the "oldest old" New Yorkers -- those over 85 -- and discovered surprising truths about aging, happiness, and "the extraordinary influence we wield over the quality of our lives."
Harris, Dan, 1971- author.
In 2004, ABC Nightline coanchor Dan Harris had a panic attack on air. That experience led him down a path that ended up with him travelling across the country with local meditation teacher Jeff Warren, helping stressed-out people learn mindfulness. This book recounts that journey, accompanied by Warren's carefully crafted meditation exercises.