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Interested in Civil Society books? Check out the #OnDemocracy Book List as part of #OnCivilSociety with fascinating titles that will change the way you think about democracy.

Adams, Michael, 1946 September 29- author.
Environics Institute president Michael Adams draws on decades of social research in both Canada and the U.S. to answer the question: could Canada fall victim to the same social malaise that led to Brexit in Great Britain, and the Trump presidency in America?
Levitsky, Steven, author.
Pinochet relied on a CIA-backed coup; Erdo─čan has eroded civil liberties more gradually. From 1930s Europe to contemporary Hungary and Venezuela, democracies have failed in ways we can study, and hopefully learn from. In How Democracies Die, two Harvard Professors of Government take a deep dive into global political history, exploring case studies of failed democracies, in an effort to understand the current historical moment.
Monbiot, George, 1963- author.
Activist, environmentalist and author George Monbiot proposes an alternative to the neoliberal ideology of competition and individualism that, he says, has led the world to its current precipice. He reimagines democracy as an expression of our true natures -- as altruistic cooperators -- and suggests tactics for creating new social structures that reflect that reality.
Mounk, Yascha, 1982- author.
Around the globe, populist, authoritarian governments are undermining democratic institutions. Mounk locates the source of the problem in the clash between individual rights and the popular will, and suggests radical reforms that could reconcile the two and restore democracy
Goldberg, Jonah, 1969- author.
In contrast to Monbiot, National Review editor and conservative author Jonah Goldberg sees liberal democratic capitalism as a miracle that has lifted humanity out of the "endless cycle of poverty, hunger, and war that defines most of history." However, this miracle is under threat by forces of populism, nationalism and tribalism, which threaten to "rot our democracy from within".
Frum, David, 1960- author.
Former Bush White House speechwriter and conservative intellectual David Frum considers the current presidency in light of the widespread erosion of democracy around the globe, and outlines a plan for recovery.