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Bookmobile FAQ

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Toronto Public Library operates two bookmobiles serving areas that are not close to library branches or where there is a physical barrier which makes getting to a library more challenging.

There is often a bookmobile stop added at a branch location if the branch is closed for an extended period of time.

The bookmobile carries a complete range of items similar to what is offered in library branches.

You cannot place holds on bookmobile items but you can place an item from a branch on hold and have it sent to your bookmobile stop for pickup there.

How many places does the bookmobile stop?

There are currently 28 permanent stops on the bookmobile schedule.

When does the bookmobile stop?

Stops are scheduled during the morning, afternoon and evening from Monday-Saturday at different locations throughout the city. Please see the schedule for more information.

How long does the bookmobile stay at each stop?

1-2 hours, depending on the stop.

Why can't I see what items the bookmobile has when I look on the website?

The bookmobile collection is a browsing collection that is divided between the vehicles servicing the stops, therefore we are unable to guarantee the availability of items. If you use the bookmobile and would like a specific item, you can place a hold (see next question) to have the item delivered from a branch to the stop of your choice.

If I see something in a branch that I want can I place a hold to pick it up at the bookmobile?

Yes. When you place a hold on the website, select Bookmobile as your pickup location.

To make sure your hold is available at your preferred stop, call the bookmobile staff at 416-395-5560 so that they can put your stop information into your customer record. Once this has been done, anything you place on hold will go to your stop. If you do not call staff to specify your stop, your hold will not be available for pick-up.

How long can I borrow bookmobile material?

Loan periods for bookmobile material are the same as branch material.