Filming & Photography on Library Premises


Toronto Public Library welcomes commercial and non-commercial production agencies and public broadcasting institutions creating educational and public interest programs on its premises.

Toronto Public Library allows amateur photography and videotaping on library premises with permission.

Toronto Public Library supports the film and television industry in Toronto by allowing filming and photography on its premises provided there is no disruption of library service or cost to the library and that the library's image and reputation are preserved.

This protocol does not apply to news and public affairs coverage of library events, activities and personalities.


Library staff and customers may not be filmed or photographed without permission.

A completed Application to Commercial Filming & Photography (PDF) must be received by the Library with a minimum of 21 days notice.

Applicants must adhere to Toronto Public Library's Rules of Conduct and Location Filming/Photographing Permit Guidelines (see below), and acknowledge Toronto Public Library in the credits.

Toronto Public Library retains the right to refuse any request for filming/photographing on its premises.

Location Filming/Photographing Permit Guidelines

The following guidelines apply to all Toronto Public Library locations:

Filming & Photography Fees and Rates

Hourly Rate: $250 + $32.50 HST = $282.50
(A three hour booking minimum applies to all contracts).
Administration fee (non-refundable): $100 + $13 HST = $113.00

Library staff, custodial, and security fees will be billed hourly; 4 hour minimum required.

A $5,000 damage deposit is required.

Insurance documentation (see below) and any additional overhead costs, as required.

If filming/photographing session extends past contracted times, additional fees may be billed to the company after the project is complete.

Toronto Public Library may waive a portion of the fee and other costs for non-commercial production agencies, public broadcasting institutions producing educational and public interest programs, including documentaries and student requests.

Wedding Photography Permit

Permit Fee: $100 + $13 HST = $113.00 (maximum 2 hours, during branch open hours only).

Insurance Documentation

Applicants must provide proof of insurance by way of submitting an original Certificate of Insurance. The Certificate of Insurance must be in effect for the date(s) and time(s) of the filming or photography. The insurance will:

Filming & Photography Contact:

Learn more about location filming in Toronto by contacting the Toronto Film Office.