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Budget 2012 - Have Your Say

Toronto Public Library Survey

Thank you for participating in the Library Board's consultation on potential service reductions. The survey is now closed. Results of the survey and public meetings will be provided to the Board at its Monday, December 12th meeting and posted on the website.

Background Information

The Library Board conducted consultation on the impacts of potential service reductions being considered as part of the 2012 operating budget:

Potential reductions are outlined below.

To address the City's target of $17 million or 10% of the operating budget, Toronto Public Library has identified service efficiencies and additional revenue opportunities, which equal $9.7 million of savings or 5.7% of the 10% City target reductions. These efficiencies will not impact library service.

To address the remaining budget target, the Library Board is considering a $5.4 million reduction to library open hours, and a $1.9 million reduction to the library collections budget.

This will result in a 7% reduction of Monday to Sunday hours or approximately 19,000 hours per year out of the current total of 268,124 hours per year and 106,000 fewer new items purchased for library collections, a reduction of 12%.

Potential Library Open Hours Reductions

How does the library decide what open hours to reduce? The principles used for determining open hours reductions are:

As currently proposed, potential reductions in open hours will impact 56 of the library's 98 branches in the following ways:

Potential Library Collections Reductions