2017 was another busy year for Toronto Public Library, despite the temporary closure of our busiest branch, North York Central Library.

Significant trends include:

Influencing factors include the introduction of year-round Sunday service at six branches, the opening of three new youth hubs and a 35% increase in eLearning resources. With an increase in personal devices used to access library wifi, the demand for library wireless and quality service has grown.

Factors that contributed to decreased usage in certain areas included renovations & closures of 10 branches, a methodology change in how virtual visits are counted resulting in an overall decrease and the temporary closure of North York Central Library, which normally accounts for 8.7% of total visits. Finally, statutory holidays also had an impact with a total of 345 days of services in 2017 compared to 349 in 2016.

Key 2017 Achievements

As described in the strategic plan expanding access. increasing opportunity. building connections, we have outlined six priorities to focus on from 2016 – 2019.

Below are key 2017 achievements in each of these areas:

1. Advancing our digital platforms

2. Breaking down barriers to access, driving inclusion

3. Expanding access to technology and training

4. Establishing TPL as Toronto's centre for continuous and self-directed learning

5. Creating community connections through cultural experiences

6. Transforming for 21st century service excellence

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