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Peter Vronsky, investigative historian, is Toronto Public Library's Fall Writer in Residence. Writers of non-fiction history or true crime are invited to submit manuscripts for review and feedback.

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Submitting Your Manuscript

About Peter Vronsky

Peter Vronsky is an investigative historian and the author of Ridgeway: The American Fenian Invasion and the 1866 Battle that Made Canada, Serial Killers: The Method and Madness of Monsters and Female Serial Killers: How and Why Women Become Monsters.

His third volume in his history of serial homicide Sons of Cain: A History of Serial Killers from the Stone Age to the Present is scheduled to be released by Penguin Random House – Berkley Books in August 2018.

Peter worked as an investigative documentary television producer in Canada and overseas for 25 years and recently earned a PhD in history at University of Toronto in the fields of criminal justice history and the history of espionage in international relations. He teaches the history of espionage and international relations at Ryerson University.

He is currently working on two new books: Toronto Blue: Power and Community and the History of the Toronto Police, 1834-2017 and an illustrated album, Toronto Notorious: Historical Crime Scene Photos From the Files of the Toronto Police.

Submitting Your Manuscript

Manuscripts will be accepted from September 5 to October 5, 2017.

The Writer in Residence will meet with the first 20 authors whose manuscript submissions satisfy the requirements below. We regret that the Writer in Residence may not be able to meet with everyone who submits a manuscript. Meetings with the Writer in Residence are by appointment only.

Manuscript submission requirements:

For non-fiction history or true crime submit only one piece, up to 4000 words or 16 single-sided typed pages, double-spaced, 12 pt Times New Roman. Include a cover page with your name, address, email, and telephone number. Material submitted will not be returned so please do not submit originals.

Please do not submit originals. Materials submitted will not be returned.

Mail or bring your submission to:

For more information, call 416-393-7085.

Toronto Public Library typically hosts two residencies per year.

Writers who have held residencies at the library include Gail Bowen, Chester Brown, Austin Clarke, Karen Connelly, Deborah Cooke, Farzana Doctor, Sarah Ellis, Rabindranath Maharaj, Elizabeth Ruth, Robert J. Sawyer, Karl Schroeder, Allan Stratton, Sugith Varughese, Tim Wynne-Jones, Alissa York, David S. Young and Kim Echlin.