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Your Library Card

Anyone who lives, works, goes to school or owns property in Toronto is entitled to a free library card.

Screenshot of a library card

Your Toronto Public Library Card

Your library card lets you borrow books, music, DVDs and more. It gives you access to downloadable material such as books, magazines, music and movies.

You can use your card to access databases to get magazines, newspapers and journals that you won't find other places.

If you need access to a computer, you can reserve a computer at any library to get online.

Once you have a library card, you can use it to access your account online. While in your account, you can:

How to Get a Library Card

To get a library card, you will need to take valid and current identification with your name and address to any library branch. If you don't have identification, the library has postcards that can be mailed to your address and returned to complete your registration.

Library cards expire once a year and you will need to show your identification to branch staff when the time comes to renew your card.

Temporary Addresses

If you live in a hostel or shelter, you are eligible for a library card valid for 3 months that will allow you to borrow up to 5 items at a time as well as have access to library computers. Identification must be provided.

Non-Residents and Visitors

If you live outside of Toronto but would like to be able to borrow material and access all of the library's services, you can get a library card for a fee of $30.00 every 3 months. Identification must be shown and the fee paid each time the card is renewed.

If you are visiting Toronto, you can register for an In-Library Access card which will allow you to use the library's computers for the length of your visit.

Change of Information

If you move and are still eligible for a Toronto Public Library card, you will need to go into any branch with identification showing your new address and library staff will update your card. This cannot be done online or by telephone.

Lost or Stolen Cards

Please take care of your library card. You are responsible for any items borrowed on it and for any charges that may result from late, lost or damaged materials.

If you lose your card, please contact us immediately. There is a replacement charge for a new card, but all your account information will transfer over from the old card.

Special Needs Status for People with Disabilities

People with disabilities may apply to have fine exempt status. You will need to fill out the Special Needs Application form and have it completed by a health care professional.

For more information, please refer to the Circulation and Collection Use Policy.