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Troubleshooting Technical Problems

Please note: starting at 6 a.m. daily, we conduct maintenance on the library website for approximately 15 minutes. Account access, placing holds, and details on the location and status of materials are unavailable.

If you are having trouble using the Toronto Public Library's website, try the following:

Check the time of day

Some library website functions (account access, placing holds, location/status of materials) are not available for approximately 15 minutes starting at approximately 6 a.m. Eastern Time daily. This time is scheduled for website maintenance.

Occasionally there are problems with the website and it is unavailable. Library staff work to fix problems as quickly as possible. Maintaining access to the website is a top priority.

Check your browser

Our website supports the following browsers:

  • Chrome (Windows and Mac)
  • Internet Explorer 8, 9, 10 and 11 (Windows)
  • Safari (Mac)
  • Firefox (Windows and Mac)

We recommend using the latest version of your browser. You can also refer to instructions on clearing the cache on all browsers.

Problems with Internet Explorer

You may experience problems using your account in Internet Explorer.

Turning on Internet Explorer's Compatibility View should resolve these issues.

Check your browser's privacy settings

The Toronto Public Library website uses cookies to manage your session when you are logged in. If your browser is set to block cookies, you may experience problems when trying to place holds or access your account.

In Internet Explorer, we recommend using the Medium privacy setting when accessing the library website. See these instructions on managing privacy settings for more help.

IE 10 privacy settings window
Check your bookmarks

Make sure you are using the correct address to access the Toronto Public Library website.

Are you asked to enter your library card and PIN numbers many times?

You will need to set your browser to always check for newer versions of stored pages, as follows:

If you are using Internet Explorer on a PC:

  • Click on Tools, then Internet Options
  • Under the tab that says General, click on Browsing History
  • Click on the Settings button, then select "Every time I visit the webpage"
  • Click OK

If you are using Firefox on a PC:

  • Type about:config in the browser's address bar
  • Click on browser.cache.check doc frequency
  • Set the number to 1 (check every time a page is viewed)
Do you want your browser to remember your library card and PIN numbers for future visits?

You will need to set you browser's AutoComplete or Password Manager to remember your library card and PIN numbers. Please Note: By turning these settings on, anyone who has access to your browser may be able to view or modify your library account.

If you are using Internet Explorer on a PC:

If you are using Mozilla Firefox on a PC:

If you are using Safari on a Mac:

If you are using Chrome on a Mac or PC:

Are you connecting using the Z39.50 protocol?

Toronto Public Library Z39.50 Server Settings:

Host name:
Port: 2200
Database Name: unicorn
Search Map Name: unicorn_bth
Unicode Server: yes