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A $1.00 fine will be charged for each hold you do not pick up.

The following options are available in Your Account to help you manage your holds effectively:

Cancel a hold

You can cancel a hold at any time - whether it's outstanding, in transit, or available for pickup. When your hold arrives at the branch, you have 7 days to pick it up. In order to avoid the Holds Not Picked Up fine and allow others to get materials sooner, make sure to cancel your hold before 9:00 p.m. on the expiry date.

Cancel it from Your Account or by calling any branch

Make a hold inactive

It's a way to tell the library not to deliver your hold. You can "re-activate" it when you are ready to pick it up. You'll keep moving up on the waiting list during the time your hold is inactive.

Suspend a hold

It's the same as making it inactive, except you can specify a time period. At the end of the suspension period, your hold automatically becomes active again. You'll keep moving up on the waiting list during the time your hold is suspended.

Change a hold's pickup location

With 100 branches across the city, you can change a hold's pickup location for convenient pickup - whether it's closer to school, work, home or the gym. If your hold has already arrived, you must call the branch and ask staff to send it to your preferred location.

Change a hold's expiry date

If you have a deadline, change a hold's expiry date if you know you won't need an item after a specific date. By default, your holds will be set to expire two years from the date you placed the request.

You can't extend an expiration date beyond 2 years after the date the hold was placed.

Please note that you cannot suspend, inactivate or change the expiry date of a hold once it is in transit or available for pickup.

If you would like to change the pickup location of an available hold, please speak to staff at the branch where the item is being held.

Get notified by email

You can receive email notices when your holds are ready for pickup. Visit any branch to sign up or sign up online.