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Scarborough Civic Centre Branch Construction

A New Library for the Scarborough Civic Centre Community!

Location of new Scarborough Branch Photo credit: LGA Architectural Partners/Phillip H. Carter Architects in Joint Venture

Scarborough Civic Centre Branch (NEW)(Ward 38) 150 Borough Drive

Project Detail

Toronto Public Library is building a new branch in the Scarborough Centre area on Borough Drive, adjacent to the south side of the Scarborough Civic Centre.

The branch will replace a bookmobile stop located at the Scarborough Town Centre.

It will be easily accessible by public transit, close to the Scarborough Centre LRT stop and a bus route on Ellesmere Rd.

The new library branch is expected to open in Spring 2015.

Proposed Services

The branch will house a collection size of 50,000 items for all ages. It will include:

Architectural & Construction Information

Historical Information

Raymond Moriyama's vision for the development of the Scarborough City Centre area included the building of a library on city owned land (The Scarborough City Centre Core Area Development Plan, Oct 1991).

The former Scarborough Public Library Board had planned to build a library in the Civic Centre development well before City of Toronto amalgamation.

The Scarborough Centre Secondary Plan (approved by the Ontario Municipal Board in March 2008) identified a library as one of the priority facilities and services to be developed in this precinct.

The need for a library here has intensified as a result of extraordinary residential growth, with more than 9,000 units built or planned in this precinct.

Through collaboration with City Departments (Facilities and Real Estate, Planning), local Councillors and Scarborough Community Council, an ideal site was secured.