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KidsStop early literacy centres are fun, literacy-rich, tactile learning environments for children birth to five and their caregivers to learn and play together. These unique spaces feature a wide range of interactive learning stations based on Ready for Reading principles.

KidsStop early literacy centres are supported in part by Sophie's Studio and can be found in the following branches:


Water is the theme of the Bloor/Gladstone Branch KidsStop. A wave wall greets visitors complete with a puppet hole (surrounded by a carved octopus), a textured giant letter W, lenses that capture a bug's-eye view of the world and a bobber/fishing sphere to simulate fishing in a river.

Bloor/Gladstone location and hours


Exploring the Alphabet is the theme for Brentwood's KidsStop. The space features larger-than-life letters that encourage children to tell stories, explore vocabulary, become familiar with print and cuddle up together to read.

Brentwood location and hours


River Express is the theme of Cedarbrae's KidsStop. Children and families enter the 1,000 square foot area through a riverboat entranceway with flooring that illustrates water pebbles and leaves, and are met with a cozy elephant reading nook and a tree with books nestled within it.

Cedarbrae location and hours


The theme for Dufferin/St. Clair's KidsStop is the Enchanted Forest inspired by the historic Doris McCarthy murals that decorate the space and a dragon that winds its way through the room encouraging children to explore the books from its spine. Children and families are also welcome to explore their endless fascination with fairy tales with a puppet theatre and a cast of puppets.

Dufferin/St.Clair location and hours


The Fairview KidsStop theme is shapes and colours. The three interactive kiosks have large oval shapes integrating both cool and warm colours and have interactive panels that are in various shapes. Translucent ovals with different cut-outs overlap in the windows in a playful and dynamic way, casting shadows in the KidsStop on sunny days.

Fairview location and hours

Mount Dennis

Linking the neighbourhood's present with the past, Photography is the theme for the Mount Dennis KidsStop which features an engaging wall of photos and video. (For many years the Kodak plant was a major fixture in the community.)

Mount Dennis location and hours

Scarborough Civic Centre

The Environment is the theme of this KidsStop, and cozy reading areas tucked in close to big windows make it seem like you're reading outside! Colourful towers greet visitors and invite children and their caregivers to explore a bug's eye view of the world, use the Worm Theatre to tell a tale, and try a nature match using materials from the neighbourhood.

S. Walter Stewart

Because of the round, 'flying saucer-like' design of the branch and because space is always a subject of interest to young children, Space is the theme of the S. Walter Stewart KidsStop. This KidsStop features a big book mounted to the wall for children to explore (a central feature of every KidsStop) and a spaceship puppet theatre.

S. Walter Stewart location and hours


Reading is the theme of Thorncliffe's KidsStop. Each letter of the dramatic, large and colourful "Read" sign has activity panels designed for fun and early learning.

Thorncliffe location and hours