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Portrait of Edward William Thomson 1794-1865

Portrait of Edward William Thomson 1794-1865
Year/Format: 1913, Picture
Medium: Photograph coloured with water colours
Extent: 181 x 116; 185 x 112; 205 x 175 mm
Date: 1913?
Notes: Insc. in pencil on vso. EW;
Thomson served in the War of 1812 in 3rd flank company of the 3rd Regiment of York militia. He was present at the capture of Detroit by Isaac Brock, was decorated for services at Queenston Heights. He was promoted captain in the 1st West York Regiment in 1822, and transferred to the 3rd West York militia in 1827. He served during the rebellion of 1837–38 and became lieutenant-colonel of the 7th Regiment of North York militia in 1839. DCB
Rights and Licenses: Public Domain
Provenance: Gift of J. Ross Robertson
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Toronto Reference Library Baldwin Collection JRR 465 Cab