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Town and Harbour of St. John's, Newfoundland, in 1811

Town and Harbour of St. John's, Newfoundland, in 1811
Year/Format: 1911, Picture
Medium: Water colour with touches of gouache over pencil, with border of brown wash over pencil. Laid down on cardboard
Extent: 252 x 702 mm
Date: 1911
Notes: Inscribed in black ink, l.r.: J.W. Hayward / 1911 View keyed in black in over pencil, left to right, from 1 to 11, referring to separate JRR key inscribed in ink on former mat (l.l. & l.r. part of mat, bearing inscribed key, now in Accession File). Inscribed in pencil (with reference to JRR Catalogue numbering) mount vso l.l.: Hung above 488; former mat vso l.l.: No. / Hung above / 488. "From old sketches ... in possession of the late Archbishop Howley, of St. John's" (JRR Catalogue) JRR(1912) 421 Catalogued November 1983
Rights and Licenses: Public Domain
Provenance: Gift of J. Ross Robertson
Branch Location Call Number / Accession Number
Toronto Reference Library Baldwin Collection JRR 41 Cab III