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His Excellency Charles Henry Darling, Esquire

His Excellency Charles Henry Darling, Esquire
Year/Format: 1857, Picture
Medium: Lithograph with light greyish yellowish brown tint-stone on wove paper
Extent: 540 x 322 mm. (with text); sheet (trimmed) 571 x 370 mm
Date: 1857?
Notes: Inscribed on the stone, l.l.: Painted by Henry Phillips, London.; l.r.: Lith. of Sarony, Major & Kapp 449 Broadway, N.Y.; b.: His Excellency Charles Henry Darling Esquire / (LATE GOVERNOR OF NEW FOUNDLAND,) / CAPTAIN GENERAL AND GOVERNOR IN CHIEF OF THE ISLAND OF JAMAICA AND ITS DEPENDENCIES, , - GOVERNOR OF THE BAY ISLANDS &c. &. &.. Sir Charles Henry Darling (1809- 1870) was governor the Newfoundland from 1855 until February 1857 when he was appointed governor of Jamaica. Catalogued November 19 1986
Rights and Licenses: Public Domain
Provenance: Gift of J. Ross Robertson
Contributor: Phillips, Henry Wyndham, British, 1820-1868
Branch Location Call Number / Accession Number
Toronto Reference Library Baldwin Collection JRR 37 Cab III