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Portrait of the Revd William Smart, 186-?

Portrait of the Revd William Smart, 186-?
Year/Format: 1895, Picture
Medium: Water colour and opaque white over pencil on wove paper. Laid down on carboard
Extent: 316 x 302 mm (trimmed)
Date: 1895 circa
Notes: A Presbyterian minister in Brockville, Smart (1788-1876) as a Freemason was Grand Chaplain, Provincial Grand Lodge of U.C., 1822-23 and 1825.
After a photograph: see note in Holly S. Seaman "The Rev. William Smart" in 'Ontario History' vol. 5, 1904, p. 184.
Catalogued Nov 19 1986
JRR (1912) 123
Rights and Licenses: Public Domain
Provenance: Gift of J. Ross Robertson
Branch Location Call Number / Accession Number
JRR 15 Cab IV (Masonic)