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Break it yourself

Year/Format: 2012, CD , 1 sound disc :
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Publication information: New York, NY : Mom & Pop Music, p2012.
Language: English
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Record ID: 2881401
Format: CD
Date acquired: June 13, 2012
More creator details: Andrew Bird.
Contents note: Desperation breeds-- -- Polynation -- Danse Caribe -- Give it away -- Eyeoneye -- Lazy projector -- Near death experience experience -- Behind the barn -- Lusitania -- Orpheo looks back -- Sifters -- Fatal shore -- Hole in the ocean floor -- Belles.
Performers: Andrew Bird, violin, guitar, vocals, whistling ; Martin Dosh, drums ; Jeremy Ylvisaker, guitar, keyboards, backing vocals ; Mike Lewis, bass, tenor saxophone, backing vocals ; J.T. Bates, drums on "Danse Caribe."
Date/place captured: Recorded live to 8-track at the barn ; "Danse Caribe" recorded at Metrosonic Studio, Brooklyn, N.Y.
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