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Real Estate: 3 Different Perspectives


6:30 p.m. - 8:00 p.m. on recurring dates listed below
90 mins


Program Room

Investing in Real Estate. October 25

Topics discussed will include: what types of properties generate the best return on one's investment (i.e. Condo, duplex, single family residential). Rates and requirements for a mortgage on an investment property. Costs involved from a legal standpoint and how this transaction may differ from an owner occupied property purchase transaction.

Is a Condo right for you? November 13

Presenters will look at real estate, finance and legal areas buyers should consider when thinking about investing in a condo. Topics will include: area, finishes to look for; mortgages fixed versus variable, banks versus non-banks, things to watch for when buying a condo and finding an appropriate lender; and what a buyer needs to prepare when buying a condo from a legal standpoint as well as status certificate.

How to Make Money Downsizing. January 22

Topics discussed will include: the costs/work involved with selling your home as well as give an idea of the average sales prices for the various homes in the specific community around the library. Mortgage penalties, bridge financing, ways to minimize costs. And behind the scenes legal procedures that occur when a person sells their home as well as discuss the costs involved (land transfer tax, capital gains, HST etc.).

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Mon Jan 22