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August 2015 - Read Alikes: A Spool of Blue Thread

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July 2015 - Read Alikes: Go Set a Watchman

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June 2015 - Read Alikes: Empire

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Who's Reading What Lists

Virginia Van Vliet, Retired librarian and amateur historian

Born in Montreal, after graduating with an MLS from McGill University, Virginia moved to Toronto to work as a librarian in 1976. Starting in Children's Services, she later became the head of several branch libraries and later a District Manager. Since retiring, she is active as a volunteer with the Royal Ontario Museum, leading historic walking tours of Toronto, and with the Cabbagetown Preservation Association. An avid reader – more than 100 books a year – she also travels extensively.

Hilary Scharper, author, professor, assistant lighthouse keeper

Hilary Scharper is a Canadian author, living in Toronto. She has spent more than a decade as an assistant lighthouse-keeper and steward at the Cabot Head Lighthouse and Bird Observatory, located on the northern Bruce Peninsula. Her eco-gothic novel, Perdita, draws on her experiences at Cabot Head. She is also an Associate Professor of Anthropology at the University of Toronto. Scharper always goes up to the Bruce Peninsula and Georgian Bay for the summer where she does much of her writing. This summer she is taking a “literary trip” into nature, and some of its “wild spaces” including an exploration of the human-animal boundary. She notes that a dictionary check shows that the word “nature” refers to: 1) everything NOT made by humans; and 2) the innate way that BOTH animals or humans behave. So nature is something that is both outside and inside us. What, then, defines the human-animal boundary?

Vickery Bowles, City Librarian

Vickery Bowles is currently Toronto Public Library’s City Librarian, although she was formerly Director of Collections Management and City-Wide Services, overseeing collection development for the Library’s print, audiovisual and electronic collections. She has also worked as a public service director for the Library where she worked to meet the needs of Toronto’s diverse population. Bowles spearheaded Toronto Public Library’s transition to digital collections while continuing to respond to customer demand for traditional books. She is a board member for the Centre for Equitable Library Access, an organization that promotes access to books for Canadians with print disabilities, and is also a member of the Canadian Urban Libraries Council Ebook Task Group. Most recently, Bowles became the chair of the Canadian Library Association Public Library Task Group on Ebooks.