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May 2016 - Read Alikes: The Widow

Fiona Barton’s debut novel is a dark, psychological thriller about an accused child murderer and the lives of those affected by the crime. Here are some other dark and chilling reads in the domestic noir genre, which are primarily focused on the home and families, and concerns itself largely with the female experience.

April 2016 - Read Alikes: The Jungle Book

Enjoyed the adventure and mystery of the wild in the Jungle Book? Here are some other titles that explore our relationships with animals and nature, and what it means to be human.

March 2016 - Read Alikes: The Revenant

The film The Revenant may take all the big Oscars later this month. If you cannot get enough revenge, gore and tales of wilderness survival, or, if unlike Stephen Colbert, you just like bears, here are some suggested titles.

Who's Reading What Lists

Robert J. Sawyer, Science Fiction writer

Robert J. Sawyer is one of only eight writers in history — and the only Canadian — to win all three of the science-fiction field’s top awards for best novel of the year: the Hugo, the Nebula and the John W. Campbell Memorial Award. According to the Locus Index to Science Fiction Awards, he has won more awards for his novels than anyone else ever in the history of the science-fiction and fantasy genres. The 2009 ABC TV series FlashForward was based on his novel of the same name. In 2014, Rob was one of the initial nine inductees to the Canadian Science Fiction and Fantasy Hall of Fame. His 23rd novel, Quantum Night, about an experimental psychologist trying to recover memories of a time in which he himself might have been a psychopath, was published in March 2016 and spent five weeks on the Maclean’s fiction bestsellers list.

Jo-Anne McArthur, photojournalist and author

Award-winning photojournalist and author Jo-Anne McArthur has been documenting the plight of animals around the globe for over a decade. Her work has contributed to hundreds of campaigns, protests, editorials, organizations and academia. She is the founder of the We Animals project; author of the book We Animals; and the subject of the celebrated film The Ghosts in Our Machine. Jo-Anne comes from a family of avid readers and part of their regular banter is about what they’re reading, what they liked and why. She says “Books, both fiction and non-fiction alike, shape us and can provide us with insight into our own lives through relatable characters, times, places and ideas. We see ourselves in the pages; we are transformed. We learn. Books make us better.”

Katherine Govier, novelist, director of The Shoe Project

Katherine Govier is an Alberta-born writer of fiction and nonfiction. Her tenth novel, The Three Sisters Bar and Hotel, is being published by Harper Avenue in March, 2016. Her work has appeared in the United Kingdom, Canada, the United States, the Commonwealth and in translation in Italy, Holland, Japan and Spain. Her novel, Creation, about John James Audubon in Labrador, was a New York Times Notable Book of the Year. Katherine also directs The Shoe Project, a writing workshop for immigrant and refugee women. Katherine lives with her husband Nick Rundall, a publisher, and their dog Jasper, splitting her time between Canmore and Toronto.