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September 2014 - Read Alikes: The 100-Foot Journey

Looking forward to the movie? Explore a selection of titles about the mysterious, delightful and often life-changing power of food.

August 2014 - Read Alikes: The Giver

If you enjoy Lois Lowry's The Giver, you might enjoy some of these titles.

July 2014 - Read Alikes: House of Cards

If you enjoy watching House of Cards, you might enjoy some of these titles.

Who's Reading What Lists

Eleanor Wachtel, Writer and Broadcaster

Eleanor Wachtel is the host and co-founder of CBC Radio's Writers & Company, which is celebrating its 24th anniversary. She also co-founded and hosts Wachtel on the Arts. Her most recent books are Original Minds and Random Illuminations: Conversations With Carol Shields, which won the Independent Publisher Book Award. Wachtel has received many honours for her contributions to Canadian cultural life including eight honorary degrees and the Order of Canada.

Ian Purdy, Health Care Worker and Animal Rights Activist

Ian Purdy obtained a MA in Critical Animal Studies from Brock University in 2013. As his book list suggests, his life revolves around animals: he co-organizes the Animal Rights Academy (, a free lecture series at the University of Toronto, and sits on the Board of the Institute for Critical Animal Studies (, an interdisciplinary scholarly center dedicated to promoting the field of Critical Animal Studies, a discipline which, among other features, advances a holistic understanding of oppressions facing both human and non-human animals. In addition, Ian holds the position of servant-in-chief for his numerous rescued companion animals.

Derek Quenneville, Innovator and 3D Guru at MakeLab

Derek Quenneville is a 3D printing expert and digital fabrication artist in Toronto, Canada. He is currently 3D Guru at MakeLab, teaching 3D modelling at Toronto Public Library, runs Toronto 3D Printers meetups, and is a former director at Site 3 coLaboratory.