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March 2015 - Read Alikes: Yes, Please

If you enjoyed Amy Poehler's Yes, Please, you might enjoy some of these titles.

February 2015 - Read Alikes: The Rosie Project

If you enjoyed Graeme Simsion's The Rosie Effect, you might enjoy some of these titles.

January 2015 - Read Alikes: The Fault in Our Stars

If you enjoyed John Green's The Fault in Our Stars, you might enjoy some of these titles.

Who's Reading What Lists

Rob Laidlaw, Wildlife advocate, award-winning children's author

Rob Laidlaw is a Chartered Biologist and Executive Director of the wildlife protection organization Zoocheck. His work throughout the years has taken him from Canada's north to the far reaches of tropical Asia. Laidlaw is also an award-winning children's author; his latest books are 5 Elephants and Cat Champions, Caring for Our Feline Friends. Numerous people have asked him for recommendations on books about social change and activism. While there are a lot of great books out there, these are a few that he found particularly informative, accessible and, in some cases, revelatory. Rob can be reached through

Lucile Barker, writer and poet

Lucile Barker is a Toronto poet, writer and activist who has written since swiping her grandmother’s fountain pen and her mother’s ink. Time spent in the corner gave her more writing opportunities. Hall time in high school offered her more chances to write, along with decreased prospects of gainful employment. She may have the world’s largest rejection slip collection. There are no plans for an exhibit of these. Her many print publications include both poetry and fiction and have appeared in Origins, Mamashee, B.C. Review and Memewar. Other online publications include Connotations, Wordsmith, Menacing Hedge and Ginger Piglet. She tends to submit to magazines with funny names. Since 1994, she has been the co-ordinator of the Joy of Writing, a weekly workshop at the Ralph Thornton Centre.

Kimberly Carroll, Body/Mind/Spirit Coach, Media Personality & Passionate World Citizen

Kimberly's specialty is helping folks connect to their centre, ignite their lives and transform the world around them. Her saucy, down-to-earth approach has made her popular as a coach and her intensive Life Reboot Program has been helping people – from diplomats to bus drivers to authors – power up their lives from the inside out. As a television host and producer, Kimberly has shown up on networks from North America to Africa to Europe. Kimberly’s also an activist passionate about social justice, environmental issues and democracy, but is especially devoted to animal protection and has helped mount farmed animal advocacy campaigns that have reached millions of people.For more on Kimberly, visit: